How a Logo Helps People Remember You

A business is more than its name. It needs a logo. Why? Because generally speaking, people are focused on their own priorities and don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them.

You make people notice. You make people remember. How?

Use more than an icon. Include your business name in your logo. This helps people connect the image to the name. 

It takes at least three repetitions for people to remember something, or feel motivated to explore it. After noticing the same thing three different places, our minds click, “Maybe I should find out more about that...” A consistent visual reinforces the repetitive connection for viewers.

If they see the name in three different places, but it’s in different fonts and colors each time, their memory and recognition of it is uncertain. It weakens the repetitive power. Using a logo with your business name will strengthen viewers’ ability to recognize it again and again. Improved recognition will motivate them to take action and seek you out.


The Value of a Well-Planned Logo

Beyond Logo Design: The Brand’s Identity

A New Day Dawns

I walked through timeless windows,
Gazing toward each passing life.
They held so much old grief for me,
and such little delight.

While searching down each alley,
Between each passing pane,
I found a new direction
Along a guarded lane.

The window, cracked and jagged,
A danger to crawl through.
But deep across its landscape,
The horizon, I'm drawn to.

It's not a painted sunset,
And not a starry night,
But a thunderous concoction
Broken through by golden light.

The fiery clouds held purpose
I had yet to know.
So I pushed myself with gritted teeth
Through that dark window.

The storm soon overwhelmed me,
Quite unprepared to know
Its untapped power, its wild dreams,
The beauty of its glow.

But I can breathe the lightning.
I can drink the rain.
And wind and sleet and shock and cold
Have nothing on my pain.

Bring the thunder to me.
Blast it in my heart,
So I will know the awesome blow
Destruction can impart.

Storms won't last forever,
Their nature is to break.
So I will stand within this field,
Accepting what I take.

And when the downpour eases,
When the clouds do break,
I stand here still, with silent breath,
Ready for a second wake.

My heart is ever stronger.
My soul, wild as can be.
The blood rushing through my veins
Knows its destiny.

The golden light grows brighter.
The clouds soon disappear.
With outstretched wings and open arms,
I draw your old heart near.

Envelop me with sadness.
I drink it in like rain.
Infuse me with your tortured soul.
Infect me with your pain.

For I'm an ever-steadfast,
Unending source of light,
And I can trace your broken path
Throughout the darkest night.

When the tangled brush subsides,
I'll show you what I've found,
Where golden light conquers the sky,
And love is all around.

My heart is yours forever.
We are one and the same.
In any life, on any day,
You're in my window pane.

The moon will some day crumble.
The sun will fade and die.
So I choose you, my golden light,
To fill my spirit's sky.

When the thunder rumbles,
And the quake of change is near.
I pray you know this certain truth:
A new day dawns and I am here.

Creative Spark


Let there be light. Creationists and evolutionists do agree on one thing: creation began with light. A spark arose from the void. From there developed this diverse, complex world, filled with life.

Let your ideas flourish. When a spark appears in your mind—when inspiration descends—acknowledge it. Don’t ignore it. Nurture it. Just like a tiny ember, creative sparks need attention, fuel, and upkeep for robust results.
  1. Attention. Write it down. Talk about it. Make it real.
  2. Fuel. Plan your next steps. Take action.
  3. Upkeep. When you encounter obstacles, learn from them and adjust your plan accordingly.
Feed your spark. Encourage it into being. It will grow slowly at first, but then begin building exponentially, and can unfold even beyond your initial scope and goals.